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Lightpro is, as the name suggests, a professional lighting brand of a safe 12 volt garden lighting system. Lightpro has years of experience in outdoor lighting and knows what the customer wants, this is evident from the many advantages that the Lightpro system offers compared to other 12 volt systems. Lightpro is very easy, safe and quick to install, has lighting fixtures in a beautiful design and is very affordable. In addition, Lightpro's light sources are interchangeable and Lightpro offers a 5-year warranty and lifelong service.

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First of all, choose from different types of lighting. What exactly do you want to enlighten? Choose the desired luminaires for example a spotlight, recessed lighting, floor lamp and a wall light. Then see if you need extra accessories and place them in your shopping cart. Then determine the required strength of the transformer by adding the wattages of the chosen luminaires. Select the location where you want to attach the transformer and measure the required length of cable.

Connect Lightpro garden lighting

The 12 volt Lightpro system is quick and easy to install. In no time you connect the lamps to the cable with the female connector. Also making taps is very easy with the male connector. The Lightpro transformer is standard equipped with a timer and twilight sensor with which it can meet all your wishes to switch the 12 volt system on or off. In addition, the transformer can be placed outside without problems.

Why Lightpro 12 volts

Lightpro is not only extremely safe to install but also in use. The system is also very safe when you are working in the garden but also for children who play in the garden or pets that walk around.

The lighting fixtures are among the most environmentally friendly type by only using LED lighting. The design is also very thought through which has been designed by our own designers. This has also been proven, recently Prolight has won the 'Innovation Medal' during the GaLaBau exhibition, one of Europe's most recent trade fairs for garden and landscaping in Nuernberg (Germany).

Lightpro is an innovative 12 volt lighting concept that offers an effective and simple solution for every situation.

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