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GP Batteries

The full enterprise name of the GP brand is 'GP Batteries International Ltd'. The company mainly occupies itself with the development, production and marketing of batteries and battery-related products. The company was founded in 1964. The letters 'GP' are short for 'Gold Peak'. Since its foundation under the Gold Peak Group in Hong Kong, this company has grown into one of the world's most important suppliers of primary and rechargeable batteries. You can use GP batteries in lights, solar lighting and even, for example, Maglite torchlights or LED torchlights in general.


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GP batteries production

Nowadays, GP Batteries International Ltd. is the biggest manufacturer of consumers' batteries in China. The company has a wide range of battery products at OEM's, world-renowned battery manufacturers and of course under its own brand name, GP Batteries (for the consumer market). GP Batteries is a stock-listed company since 1991, and can be found on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Ltd. The most important manufacturing facilities of GP Batteries are situated in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia. They receive the support of marketing offices and sales offices from all over the world.

Quality of GP batteries

The reason you can find batteries by the GP brand on LampsTotal, is that we sell torchlights, which these batteries are a perfect fit for. Think of both our Maglite torchlights selection as our regular LED torchlights. We also sell lights in our web shop, which you can use GP batteries for!

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