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Eglo is a family enterprise, founded in 1969 when Ludwig Obwieser started out with his business 'Eglo Leuchten'. The opening of the first manufacturing company in Tirol took place in 1976. Amidst the eighties, Eglo had already established itself as one of the best European manufacturers of light fittings. The company actively engaged in ne markets, and founded its first sales office in Germany in 1986. This is now considered to be the start of the internationalisation of Eglo. Thanks to the continuous development of new markets, there are currently 76 daughter enterprises, which operate pretty much autonomously. These daughter enterprises can be found both inside and outside of Europe - just like how you can find Eglo lights all across the world. Eglo The Netherlands can be found in Oosterhout, for example. You can make an appointment to visit the Eglo showroom, if you wish to have a look at Eglo lighting and Eglo LED lighting.

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Eglo indoor lighting

The headquarters of Eglo are situated in Tirol, the place where it all started. The company feels at home all across the world. The interesting combination of Austrian tradition and the various cultural influences of the distribution companies form the foundation of a varied and creative range of products. In the past 40 years, the EGLO Group has become one of the most renowned manufacturers of decorative interior lighting. Right now, the company is a massive player on the global market - in 2012, more than 16 million fittings were sold in more than 50 countries over all of the continents. Think of Eglo pendant lights. An Eglo pendant light is made of highly qualitative materials and knows an exceptionally long lifespan, as well as a beautiful look in general.

Eglo outdoor lighting

Because 90% of its range of products is developed and manufactured by the EGLO Group itself, the company provides the biggest possible independence when it comes to the introduction of new product solutions. They are a very competitive bunch, partly in thanks to their high level of quality of their factories in Hungary and China. In addition to indoor lighting, we see Eglo focusing on outdoor lighting as well nowadays. Use an Eglo outdoor light such as Eglo solar, or make use of other types of Eglo garden lighting.
In addition to the EGLO brand, the figurehead of the company, the following brands are also part of this massive, global enterprise:
• DECO Licht Projekt GmbH - founded in 1991 for the joint development of pre-fabricated lighting concepts
• EDI Light GmbH - founded in 2004, aims to supply industrial clients and wholesalers
• Eglosphere - founded in 2011 for the development of modular lighting systems for government and business customers

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