TL lighting

TL lighting is the perfect type of lighting to illuminate rooms clearly. Think, for example, of your kitchen, bathroom or shed. By placing a TL light in these rooms, you can optimise the light distribution. A lot of people think of standard TL fittings when you mention TL lighting, but this is no longer the case. TL fittings can be bought in so many different styles. Make use of sleek TL lights in your bathroom, to complete that modern feel in your interior. For your kitchen, we can offer you a LED TL lighting – this will save you a lot of money on your energy bill. In most cases, TL fittings get delivered with the right TL tubes, too. Long story short, it’s definitely worth the effort of checking this category out!

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TL lighting

For years and years, people have associated TL with cheap lighting that would only be used for its functionality. Nowadays, TL lights are still performing outstandingly in that department, but it’s also worth noting they use a minimum of energy thanks to their exceptionally low energy use, as well as the fact TL lights are currently available in a plethora of different designs. Make use of design TL lighting or design TL fittings, which you can use to beautifully illuminate different rooms.

Buying TL lights

You can buy your TL lights online, without even leaving your home. Make use of TL lighting during daytime, considering the fact LED TL lighting is super energy-friendly. Thanks to TL lights, you can illuminate your living room, bathroom, kitchen, and virtually any other room, in a classy, stylish manner.

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