LampsTotal has been the place to be for the past 50 years!

LampsTotal - what's in a name! This is the place to be when you are looking for lights, as we have created a handy oversight in our web shop. For the past 50 years, LampsTotal has been a market leader when it comes to lights. This results in a massive knowledge of lighting, which means we can provide you with the best possible advice. In addition, LampsTotal has the biggest assortment of lights in its web store, larger than any other retailer in Europe! This means you always have plenty of choices to pick from.

Lights Trends

At LampsTotal, you will find the newest trends and developments when it comes to LED lighting. We also closely follow up on other lighting applications. LampsTotal is continuously researching, developing and improving their lighting products. We always keep in mind a light has to be affordable - that's why we are able to always offer you the right light at the best possible price. 

LampsTotal Webshop

Purchasing lights at LampsTotal offers you a wide variety of advantages. We know exactly what our clients' wishes are, which models are the most popular, which models are used most often and which kinds of lighting we have in stock in our storage. You can easily and securely order online, and if you have chosen lights we have in stock, you should have them the next business day!

LampsTotal has put together every single style within the lighting department into one oversightable web store. This means buying online has never been easier.

Giant assortment of outdoor lights at LampsTotal

Our outdoor lighting assortment is huge. All of our lights are suitable for your garden or to use around your home. You will find all kinds of lights, such as terrace lights, garden spotlights and traditional outdoor lights, ranging from modern to classic editions. You will surely be able to create a unique atmosphere around your home using these lights.

LampsTotal has the biggest choice in indoor lighting

Indoor lighting is very sensitive to fashion and is heavily influenced by current trends. The latest trends can also be found in our assortment of indoor lights. We also make sure to offer you both antique indoor lights and normal classic indoor lighting options. In case you are looking for spotlights, you can also find those in our online web store! You can also find lights specifically made for use in the bathroom, living room, bedroom, hallway, lights specifically for your dining room table or for your garage - all of the lights are neatly ranked in one overseeable web store.

LampsTotal torchlights

We also pride ourselves on being experts when it comes to torchlights. The current torchlight is no longer comparable with the ones we had 50 years ago. We still have got the very first design in our assortment, although we expanded upon that category with torchlights that use batteries, and finally settled on the currently hi-tech LED torchlight, that features several settings. Maglite, Nextorch and LED Lenser are all brands that truly make our assortment shine. In addition to these brands, we also have a lot of cheap torchlights available for purchase.

LampsTotal follows up on LED lighting

Because LED lighting is applicable to all of your lights, LampsTotal closely follows up on all developments in regard to LED. We travel across the globe in order to provide you with the best possible LED products. We have been interested in LED lighting since 1998. LED lighting used to have a white-blue look. Nowadays, LED is available in a variety of colours and barely uses any energy at all. In all our categories, you can also use the 'flame' coloured LED. LED as light source is also an option in the LED outdoor lights, LED indoor lights, LED torchlights, LED car lights and other LED light sources.

LampsTotal charges you a fair price

No matter what style of light you are looking for, whether you want to purchase indoor lights, outdoor lights, torchlights or LED lights, we will always charge you a fair price that suits the service and the product. Look at our wide variety of lights in our web shop and you will notice a lot of our selection is continuously on sale! We can offer you great discounts because we buy our stock in bulk, process our orders in a very efficient way, and maintain a great relationship with our manufacturers.

Free shipping and warranty

At LampsTotal, you will be able to enjoy free shipping - this depends on the total purchase price of your order, and will allow you to order online in an easy and favourable manner. In addition, you will receive 25 years of warranty on your lights. You can safely pay online, and we also have a great outdoor lights garden, which we would love to show you around in. We possess the web store seal of approval and would love to offer you the possibility to come pick up your order at our store location. Can you not make a choice in our web store? Then feel free to use the chat, or get in touch with us by using the online form.

In conclusion, LampsTotal has the largest assortment of lights, and offers you a speedy delivery and a fair price.

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