Wire lampshades

The wire lampshade is one of the latest trends in the field of lighting. Back in the day, wire lampshades used to be popular for their functional light. Nowadays, their edgy look plays an important role in the choice for a wire lampshade. One of its main attractions is that the wire lampshades can be categorised in different styles. This means these wire lampshades are suitable for a wide array of houses. Of course this doesn't mean there is no longer a functional side to it. Because these wire lampshades exclusively consist out of wires, the light source has the possibility to optimally spread across the room. At LampsTotal you will find a large selection of wire lampshades.

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Pendant wire lampshades

If you are keen on combining functional light with efficiently dealing with the room, a wire lampshade pendant light is a perfect solution. It will save you space and will still enable you to enjoy the timeless look of this type of pendant lights. The dining room table, in your office or in your living room? The pendant wire lampshades will seamlessly fit into virtually any room.

By choosing a pendant light with a wire lampshade, you do have to make sure to purchase a suitable light source. LED light sources nowadays are no longer differentiable from traditional light bulbs, and are definitely recommendable.

Purchasing wire lampshades

Have you decided which wire lampshade you are going to purchase? You can easily order the wire lampshade by using our web shop, and we will start working on your order right away. Are you still not sure which light is your favourite? Please feel free to get in touch with us and one of our specialists will be keen on helping you out! Decided against a wire lampshade? Take a look at our other indoor lights or industry lights. You are bound to find similar models there!

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