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Light sources determine the atmosphere and look of your light. A lot of lightsources are interchangeable, for example halogen lightsources. These break relatively easy and can be best replaced by LED lightsources. These have a longer lifespan, and will allow you to save quite a lot of money on your energy bill.

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The lightsource

A lightsource emits the light from a fitting. This lightsource is the essential object in your light. We can divide th lightsource in a couple of different traits. There are the light strength and the light colour, and these make up the most important core values. In addition, it is a wise choice to keep the angle of the emitted light in mind, too. This can be emitted all around, such as the traditional dome light, whilst spotlights or other particular lightsources focus on the degrees, or width of the rays of light. When you plan on buying these types of lightsources, it is a good idea to think about what you want to do with them in advance. A spotlight fitting can be used to illuminate a large area thanks to a large angle degree, but do you want to simply illuminate one painting? Is the spotlight not hanging too close to the painting? In that case you are best off purchasing a lightsource with a smaller angle degree, with a smaller reach.

Buying lightsources online

You can easily buy lightsources online. Make use of the many different Philips lightsources we have got available. Browse through our LED lightsources, light sources for your car and traditional lightsources using halogen technology. We used to make use of the regular light bulb in the past when we bought a new lightsource, or perhaps bought a saving light bulb as a lightsource, whilst the LED lightsources are absolutely the light of the future.

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