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Taftan was founded in 1994 by Frits Veenis and started importing and selling hand-woven blankets, pillows and foulards from India. In 1998, Frits got a podium at the Textile Museum in Tilburg. Here he learned everything about weaving techniques from simple hand looms to the more refined jacquard looms and even projected on modern computer-controlled looms. Taftan is an important player in the world of children's lampshades. Meanwhile the lampshades have been extended to complete Taftan hanging lamps, Taftan ceiling lamps and Taftan wall lamps for the nursery and nursery.

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Taftan lampshades

With the knowledge that Frits had gained in Tilburg, he started working for other companies and designers and had the fabrics weaved by hand in India or in the Textile Museum in Tilburg. In 1999 a baby company asked for a complete textile set for a children's room to design and develop. It immediately seemed a success from the beginning. Soon after Taftan begins the production of a successful collection of matching lampshades. In 2009 Taftan started its own workshop in India not only to control production and quality, but also to ensure that labor and employees received what they deserved. Now 17 years and many collections later Taftan is still strong with beautiful designs and the best quality cotton and fabrics. In 2012 Taftan started with a hydrophilic baby collection in organic cotton from Gots. The latest collections with retro background prints and felt stitched designs are well appreciated and include a complete collection to illuminate the bedroom for boys and girls.

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