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Osram lights

Osram is a lighting company that initially was founded in Germany. The name 'Osram' is a clever portmanteau of 'osmium' and 'wolfram', both materials that were used during the creation of the lights. Osram was founded back in 1906, after Werner von Siemens had developed an improved version of Edison's light bulb in 1880. The Osram light bulbs have been a favourite for countless amounts of individuals and companies.


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Osram light bulbs

In 1919, there was a joint fusion (in regard to light bulb production) between AEG, Siemens & Halske AG and Deutsche Gasglühlicht AG, after which the lights were sold under the 'Osram' name. Osram was part of Siemens AG for ages, but became an independent, stock market listed company in 2013.

Osram lighting

In 1993, Osram took over the American company 'Sylvania Corporation', and has been going forward under the name 'Osram Sylvania'. This company is active on the North-American market and also produces the renowned Osram light bulbs, as well as Osram LED lights and Osram spotlights. In addition, you can also find Osram outdoor lighting, both with and without a sensor.

Online Osram assortment

Osram employs approximately 38.000 across the globe. Their headquarters are currently based in München, Germany. The company possesses 49 factories in 19 countries, and completes the top three of biggest lighting companies in the world; the other two are Philips Lighting and General Electric. De Osram LED applications, Osram light bulbs, Osram spotlights and Osram outdoor lighting solutions (with or without a sensor!) are always highly qualitative and available at a sharp, fair price. LampsTotal gladly offers you a wide range of light sources, so all you have to do is have a little browse and select your favourite light - without even having to leave the comfort of your own home.

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