O'Daddy lights

Lights by the 'O'Daddy' brand originally stem from the mother company, 'Mountaintrading B.V.' (Tilburg). Because of TV broadcasts of SBS6, with presenter Rob Verlinden, these O'Daddy lights became very famous, wanted and loved - that's why LampsTotal added them to its range of lights. O'Daddy is a strong brand that is active in over 20 countries. The most important contribution to O'Daddy's success is undoubtedly the fact they produce qualitative lights which are trustworthy in regard to safety, and are yet sold for a fair and decent price - this mainly thanks to their efficient production process.

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O'Daddy solar LED

The 'O'Daddy solar in LED edition' is a series that Rob Verlinden liked a lot. These solar lights are ideal to mount onto your facade without needing any additional wiring; a solar panel will provide a maximal solar charge. Thanks to the use of special Li-Ion storage batteries in the light, combined with super energy-friendly LEDs, you will enjoy plenty of burning hours if you invest in an O'Daddy solar LED light.

How an O'Daddy solar light works

The O'Daddy solar light has an intricate solar panel, which is connected to the storage batteries. Thanks to this ingenious system, the light does not even have to be positioned in a direct beam of sunlight - normal sunlight is more than enough to charge it. As soon as it gets darker, the O'Daddy solar light will turn on, and subsequently turn off as soon as it becomes light outside. Even in the winter, this light is a must-have, although you have to make sure the solar panel is not entirely covered with snow or ice (it will work less efficiently if so).

O'Daddy deals

LampsTotal can offer you O'Daddy lights that are continuously on offer. Thanks multiple years of collaboration as their dealer, we can purcahse these solar lights at a sharp price - that is why we sell them to you at a great price as well. Click below to see more O'Daddy deals!

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