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Nextorch is the proud designer and producer of China's standard police torchlights. Ever since its foundation, Nextorch has focused its efforts on producing superior, carry-on lighting products. Thanks to their use of the most advanced lighting techniques, Nextorch is capable of developing the clearest light sources, in combination with maximal efficiency for the feed. Nextorch strives to create products that are not only sustainable, but also possess a long lifespan and a minimal weight. In order to achieve this, the Nextorch torchlights are made out of sustainable airplane aluminium, with an anodised finish. Nextorch is able to offer a brilliant solution if you are looking for a torchlight that is powerful, efficient, trustworthy and compact. The Nextorch My Torch is an important example of this outlook, and is available in a couple of different models - the Nextorch My Torch 18650 RC is one of the more popular models by this brand.

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Nextorch in China

In 2006, the Chinese Ministry of Public Safety appointed Nextorch to design and develop a highly qualitative Chinese 'public service torchlight'. Ever since, Nextorch has provided the Chinese police forces with more than 1.2 million torchlights. These torchlights are used by police officers when it comes to public safety, the war on terror and much more. The use by the police indicates that the Nextorch My Torch is sure to offer you high quality as well as a compact size and a minimal weight.

Buying Nextorch torchlights online

LampsTotal sells LED torchlights by the Nextorch brand, including many accessories such as batteries and holsters. Look for a Nextorch My Torch you fancy, or complete your outfit and set with the right accessories.

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