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Massive lighting was founded in 1926 and has become one of the biggest players on the European market throughout the years. Massive lights are aimed at private customers. You make use of highly qualitative lights at the best affordable prices. The collection designs for home and garden by Massive, are available all over Europe. Massive is also one of the most important brands of Philips Consumer Luminaires. When you choose for Massive lighting or Massive lights, you make sure to choose excellent lights, which you can even order in a Massive sensor light edition.

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Design of Massive Top Selection lighting

The 'Massive' name is often associated with innovation, something that is considered to be self-explanatory nowadays. Massive is not just technology; it is also lifestyle, a world in which conviction and personal taste per light play a 'massive' role. Massive pays attention to the smallest details with every light. The Massive brand has various collections of lights, designed with each their own character. Despite those different characters, the quality of these lights is constantly exquisite, or, as Massive likes to put it - 'Top Massive Quality'. You can find the following lighting groups within the range of Massive lights:
• Massive for Living Room and Bedroom: all Massive lights for your interior can be found under 'Living room and bedroom lights'
• Massive Cucina for your Kitchen: Massive kitchen lighting, specially designed for your kitchen, can be found here
• Massive Aqua for your Bathroom: Massive bathroom lighting can be found under 'Massive Aqua'
• Massive Kico for your Nurseries: Massive nursery lights can be found easy and affordable in the 'Massive Kico' series
• Massive Garden Outdoor outdoor lighting: the place where you will find all Massive garden lighting and Massive lights with a sensor for outdoor use
• Massive spotlights: Massive spotlights, recessed spotlights by Massive or Massive floor spotlights? You will find all spotlights for indoor or outdoor use, here
• Massive LED for indoor and outdoor use: Massive LED lights you are looking to use in your garden or home, will all be found neatly ranked in this category
Make use of the different types of Massive outdoor lighting or Massive garden lighting. Look for a Massive outdoor light with a sensor, or opt for a Massive spotlight we have got available. Are you looking for a Massive ground spotlight or a recessed spotlight by Massive?

Massive lights in our selection

LampsTotal has integrated all of these lighting groups in our selection of products. The choice in Massive lights is therefore enormous in our LampsTotal web shop, so you are sure to find your perfect light. Look for a Massive LED, Massive bathroom lighting or perhaps Massive kitchen lighting we have got available. Finally, we also have an elaborated range of lights aimed at children, such as the Massive Kico and Massive Top Selection. Browse through the Massive lighting catalogue for the United Kingdom today, or directly order your lights with us today!

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