Maretti Lighting

It might sound quite Italian, but Maretti Lighting is very much a Dutch company. This enterprise is particularly renowned for their indoor lighting that is often featured in offices, homes, retail and the food service industry. Thanks to this focus, the designers at Maretti Lighting understand as no other that the architecture and the design of indoor lighting play a massive role in the look of a room. The company understands that innovation has to come from within - and this shows in the lighting Maretti sells.

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Maretti's vision

Maretti delivers unique products because of their unique vision. Maretti believes that the light architecture serves its users, but also the purpose of a room. The lighting and the design of said lighting predominantly determine the experience one has in a room. By playing with the subtleties of the lighting or by emphasising certain aspects of a room, Maretti is capable of creating two identical rooms that are unique in their own way.

Maretti indoor lighting

When you step foot in the Maretti headquarters, you will immediately notice lighting, design and quality are the utmost important goals. The client's wishes are key for Maretti, which is why they have gathered the office, the design studio, the manufacturing, the stock and the showrooms beneath one roof. This ensures a maximal integration of all departments, and the client's wishes can immediately be communicated from the office floor to the design studio.

Buying Maretti lighting

At LampsTotal, you are in the right place if you are on a quest for some design lighting. The indoor lighting by Maretti is unique and surprisingly affordable. In addition to lights for regular consumers, Maretti Lighting has a number of lights for a wide array of company branches:
• Stores and showrooms
• Renowned food service industry places
• Offices and companies
• Wellness centres and elderly homes
• Residential construction
Are you looking to buy some Maretti indoor lighting? You can find a multitude of beautiful designs and varieties in the LampsTotal assortment. We deliver your lights in virtually no time, so they can improve the aesthetic of your home.

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