Bug zappers

Hunting pesky insects such as flies, definitely keeps you moving. Yet it can become very frustrating, as the flies tend to not cooperate. Bug zappers are the best possible solution. By using UV light, the fly gets drawn to the light. Unfortunately (well...) the fly will never actually reach the UV light, as it is engulfed with an electric grid. Depending on the size of the bug zapper, the voltage also varies. The fly will be electrocuted by the electric grid, and then end up in the disposal drawer. By emptying this drawer frequently, you will keep both the bug zapper and the environment neat and clean.

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Types of bug zappers

Luckily, bug zappers are available in plenty of different types and sizes. You are bound to find a bug zapper that suits your situation perfectly. We even have bug zappers that could service an area of about 150 square metres. It's important that your bug zapper has enough capacity to service the area you have in mind. In order to make your bug zapper as efficient as possible, you are best off hanging it as high as possible. In addition, this category also features various bug zappers that can be used on a table. An ideal solution for your terrace, porch or conservatory!

Buying bug zappers at LampsTotal

LampsTotal is proud to present you with a massive amount of bug zappers. Additionally, most of our bug zappers are in stock and can be delivered to your home address within one business day. You can easily pay using one of our secure payment methods. We take care of everything else, including a speedy delivery. Are you not sure what type of bug zapper to buy? Please get in touch with us and we will provide you with the best possible advice.

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