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Brabantia is a company located in the Dutch village of Aalst. The company manufactures household materials made of metals and synthetics, but also produces letterboxes. The company started out back in 1919 with just 14 employees under the name 'Van Elderen & Co'. Originally it was ironmongery that supplied to agricultural companies and the cigar industry; products such as milk sieves and buckets, watering cans and cigar packaging. A lot of Dutch people have got a Brabantia letterbox made of stainless steel, which they genuinely love using.

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Throughout the years, the company has known immense growth. First of all, it founded a sales organisation in 1948, in Belgium. Afterwards, Brabantia launched two additional manufacturing locations in 1957 and 1963, respectively in Valkenwaard and Overpelt. In 1964, the First Groninger Apparatus and Ironmongery (FGAI) in Roden became part of Brabantia. Next, in 1966, 1973 and 1975, sales organisations were founded in respectively France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. In 1977, Brabantia took over the German enterprise 'Johann Breitenstein GmbH' in Emmerik, and then opened up a new factory there in 1982. Next, sales organisations were launched in the following years: 1982, 1995, 1996, 2000 and 2001, in respectively Italy, Scandinavia, Asian areas, Spain, North America and South America. In 2001 and 2002 new factories were opened in respectively the United Kingdom and China. There were also new sales organisations in Sweden and the United States of America (2003) and Poland (2005). Throughout the years, production and manufacturing became more concentrated: the manufacturing of Emmerik moved to Overpelt in 2004 and the one from Roden to Valkenswaard in 2005. In conclusion, Brabantia has become a world famous company. LampsTotal primarily knows Brabantia because of its highly qualitative letterboxes. You can find Brabantia, including all of their Brabantia products, easily online. LampsTotal only offers the Brabantia letterboxes for sale.

Brabantia stainless steel letterboxes

It speaks for itself that this company no longer makes milk sieves and buckets. Instead, they manufacture highly qualitative household products based on design and experience of surface treatments. Let's think, for example, of pedal waste bins, ironing boards, drying racks, tumble driers, metal serving trays, pantry cans, cutlery but of course also outdoor products such as letterboxes. The company is currently known as a company that provides trustworthy and sustainable solutions. That is most likely the reason why all Brabantia products, including the letterboxes, have a massive warranty.

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You can find the various Brabantia stainless steel letterboxes in our assortment. Order your Brabantia online today, and make use of, for example, the Brabantia letterbox type B110, a model that has become quite popular with the Dutch!

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