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Decayeux is a company known for its letterboxes. The company manufactures metal and plastic products, but also mailboxes, for example. The company started from Brabantia in 1919 with 14 employees under the name Van Elderen & Co. It was originally a metalware company supplying agriculture and the cigar industry; products such as milk strainers, buckets, funnels, watering cans and cigar tins. Many Dutch people now have a Decayeux letterbox made of stainless steel, which they enjoy using. This has since been taken over by Decayeux.
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The company has grown strongly over the years. First it founded a sales organization in Belgium in 1948. In addition, factories in Valkenwaard and Overpelt were opened in 1957 and 1963, and in 1964 even the First Groninger Apparaten- en Metaalwarenfabriek (EGAM) in Roden was taken over. Subsequently, sales organizations were established in 1966, 1973 and 1975 with France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland respectively. This was followed in 1977 by the acquisition of the German company 'Johann Breitenstein GmbH' in Emmerik and a new factory was opened there in 1982. Subsequently, sales organizations were established in 1982, 1995, 1996, 2000 and 2001 with: Italy, Scandinavia respectively. , Asian region, Spain and North and South America. New factories were established in 2001 and 2002 in the United Kingdom and China, respectively. In addition, sales organizations were established in Sweden and the United States (2003) and in Poland (2005). Over time, concentration of production took place: the production of Emmerik moved to Overpelt in 2004 and that of Roden to Valkenswaard in 2005. In short, Brabantia grew into a world-renowned company. In the meantime, the branch of letterboxes has been sold to Decayeux, which we mainly know about high-quality mailboxes. Decayeux online, you can also easily find and buy Decayeux products online. LampsTotal, however, only has the Decayeux letterboxes online.

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You will find the various Decayeux stainless steel letterboxes in our range. Order your Decayeux letterbox online and use, for example, the Decayeux letterbox B110, a popular copy that many people have.
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